SBR (sequential batch reactor)

SBR is one of the biological methods of wastewater treatment. This method uses mainly the process of oxidation of organic pollutants contained in the wastewater. The main role here is played by aerobic bacteria. Purification under aerobic conditions involves the adsorption on the surface of microorganisms of organic, dissolved or colloidal pollutants contained in wastewater. These microorganisms form the active sludge.
In SBR technology, all phases of purification run in one tank, which acts as an aeration chamber and settling tank. Fully automatic control of oxygen concentration ensures simultaneous nitrification, denitrification and biological dephosphatation. While maintaining the appropriate oxygen concentration, the process proceeds programmatically according to the following phases:

  • filling, aeration and mixing
  • sedimentation
  • decanting
  • drainage of excess sludge and treated wastewaterThe system is very resistant to the changing nature of sewage. This type of reactors works well in industrial plants characterized by the variability of wastewater in terms of quantity and quality.

Deciding on a waste water treatment plant delivered by EMI in SBR technology, the Investor gains:

  • proven technology,
  • a number of improvements resulting from many years of practice in more than a dozen industries
  • equipment produced at the EMI plant ideally suited to the technological requirements
  • advanced control automation designed and made by the same teamThanks to the comprehensive approach:
    • we avoid problematic contact points for suppliers
    • we ensure the continuity and uniformity of quality control procedures