EGSB (external granular sludge bed)

A modern method of wastewater treatment using granulated anaerobic sludge.
Used in the case of streams with large and very large pollutant loads. The purification process produces biogas that can be used as a source of energy. A special advantage is the resistance of the treatment plant to fluctuations and interruptions in the sewage inflow.
It is easy to recognize the technology by the characteristic presenceof two high (> 12m) tanks.

By choosing a waste water treatment plant delivered by EMI in EGSB technology, the Investor gains:

  • proven technology,
  • a number of improvements resulting from many years of practice in more than a dozen industries
  • equipment produced at the EMI plant ideally suited to the technological requirements
  • advanced control automation designed and made by the same teamThanks to our comprehensive approach:
    • we avoid problematic contact points for suppliers
    • we ensure the continuity and uniformity of quality control procedures